12 Oct

    What complex and profound thoughts go through your mind when you stand in front of the pastry case in a bakery? Big treat or small snack? Salty or sweet? Creamy or flaky? Chocolate or vanilla? Fruity or spiced?
    Each question leads you to the next, and eventually you find yourself perched upon a set of stairs nibbling something yummy out of a paper bag, savoring the wax paper insert coated in frosting, and wondering how you managed to find your pastry soul mate.  
    These simple questions lead you down the same road every time you stand in line.  Only you can decide which way to turn. But is it always that easy? 
    Do you always choose the same dessert, a comforting and consistent friend you have loved for years. Or do you adventure out, take a risk, and try new flavors, immersing yourself in the risky and sometimes rewarding situation of finding a new and scrumptious confection that causes your senses to overwhelm with decadent delight? 
    Once you think your decision is made, are you thrust back to the beginning by the sight of the daily special board as it comes into view, offering more tantalizing selections, evoking more pondering then before? A myriad of thoughts run through your mind.  Should I change my order? (Indicision)  What am I missing out on? (Self-doubt)  These couldn’t be better than my favorite, could they? (Jealousy) What makes them so special? (Caution) And finally, my personal favorite, what is everyone else ordering? (Food envy). 
    All of this introspection leads up to the final culmination…the clerk approaches, posing to you the eternal question, all the while leaving you to wonder if you will ever know the true answer… “Can I Help You?”


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