12 Oct

    3:00 AM-Freezing cold, she ran shivering from the car to the door hustling to get the keys from her pocket fast enough to get inside. With a single sigh of relief, she hopped inside and switched on the lights. As her hands continued to dance along the wall of switches a little farther, she started up the ovens creating immediately a warm glow that begins to fill the room.
    She sat down next to a table with papers and pulled out her prep list for the day. It was a list of butter, creamy, sugary confections. First on the list was a tray of croissant dough formed gently into place and draped onto a baking sheet. She then checked the oven to see if it was ready and inserted the baking sheet.
      Realizing she has not started the morning coffee, she walked back to the front counter and picked up her morning coffee mug. It was worn from the many early mornings over the years. She poured water into the reservoir, added the coffee grounds and waited while the pot began to fill. This was the part of the morning she loved. The smell of fresh coffee and buttery croissants opening the bakery once again. 
  This is what she woke up each morning excited for. The silence before all the customers invaded and the moment where it is all about a baker and her creativity.  The peacefulness of the heart talking to the mind and creating a new delicious reason to smile. This is the Sweder Side Of Life.


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