Spumoni Cupcakes

2 Nov

Wikipedia says:

Spumone (from spuma or “foam”), plural spumoni, is a molded Italian ice cream made with layers of different colors and flavors, usually containing candied fruits and nuts. Typically it is of three flavors, with a fruit/nut layer between them. The ice cream layers are often mixed with whipped cream. Chocolate and pistachio are the typical flavors of the ice cream layers, and the fruit/nut layer often contains cherry bits—causing the traditional red/pink, brown, and green color combination. It is popular in places with large Italian immigrant populations such as the United States and Argentina. August 21 is National Spumoni Day in the United States. November 13 is National Spumoni Day in Canada.

Transformed to Spumoni Cupcakes…


1 box of Duncan Hines White Cake Mix

3 Large Eggs

1 1/3 cup Water

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

2 Teaspoons Almond Extract

1/2 cup chopped Pistachios

1/2 cup chopped dried Cherries plumped in a dry Red Wine(I like Chianti)

-Bake at 375 degrees for about 21 mins or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool.

Chocolate Buttercream

1 stick of unflavored Crisco

1 stick of unslated butter, softened

1 lb powdered sugar

1 cup of Hersheys Special Dark Cocoa (add in 1/4 at a time)

4 Tablespoons Milk

1 teaspoon Almond extract

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

-Blend on low until combined and then on high until whipped.


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