Mint Chocolate Mini Brownies

10 Dec

8 ounces of your favorite dark chocolate
1 cup of unsalted butter
5 whole eggs
3 cups white sugar
1 tablespoon Neilsen-Massey vanilla bean paste

1 1/2 cup unbleached all purpose flour

1/2 A bag of Dark Chocolate and Mint Chips

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a mini cupcake pan.

-Place the butter and chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and heat on high until the chocolate is fully melted, about 2 minutes but watch carefully. Stir until fully blended.

-In a standing mixer with the paddle blade; place the eggs, sugar and vanilla bean paste. Mix on high for about two minutes. Then on a very low speed or stir setting, slowly add in the butter and chocolate mixture. Next add in the flour and beat on medium only until combined and then stop! Overmixing is deadly to brownie texture!

-Using a small ice cream scoop, portion the batter into each section of the pan. Filling each section up to the top.

-Sprinkle with Mint and Dark Chocolate Chips.

-Bake for about 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out mostly clean, there maybe a few crumbs or melted chips in the way. Cool completely! Enjoy.


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