my day job.

23 Mar

Ready, here is when I get to share a piece of my heart and hope you give me back a piece of yours. During the time I am not in the kitchen baking I have other jobs. I am a mother of two beautiful children, I am a wife to my high school sweetheart. But one of my more important jobs is to be the support system for my Air Force husband at home.

I listen to difficulties, I encourage him to take on obstacles and I stare at a dinner plate growing cold while he is out working. There are nights he sleeps at his “other house” defending those that are sleeping from harm. He is not in the most romantic job in the Air Force, playing top gun and shooting down the front lines. But damn if I am not proud to stand behind him while he defends freedom.  His job is just as important as every other job in the Air Force.  His sacrifices of energy, family time and self are just as vital to the mission.

We are on a base that is far from a grand city with unlimited shopping options and restaurants, but we are surrounded by small old-fashioned communities that will help if we need it.  They believe in helping their own and have welcomed our base with open arms.  While there are many obstacles to those that live here for an extended time, we should appreciate the small things we are able to have. We have a fair once a year that is nice, we have a city with a strong sense of their Scandanavian culture that is willing to teach us about it, we have neighbors that shovel for us when we are in the field and watch our kids while we have emergencies. These are gifts we would not have in a bigger area. Sure, we get 5 feet of snow during a normal winter and bugs all summer. Sure, plane tickets are very expensive. All of these things are adaptable.

So here is my point. We deploy people either everyday to the fields of our area or overseas for atleast 3 months but no more then 1 year on a regular basis. We have families that need our help on base. We have opportunities and resources for these famillies that can help them. We NEED to have events for them to look forward to during the time they are missing their family member.

Please help me provide something that may disappear without your help. Sweder Side Of Life wants to sponsor a few events for these families so that we know the events will continue for atleast 2 more months. Our Airman and Family Readiness Center has a program set up that creates events for the families of the Deployed. Skating or swim parties, dinners, picnics…anything we can come up with. At these meetings, families are given information about the Give Parents A Break program for free days care and other resources for during long deployments. It is also an opportunity to network with other families in the same situation.  Sometimes you just need to call someone else that understands, these events can help you find that person.

Here is a link for details about an online auction on Facebook that will benefit this cause.!/event.php?eid=192305920809197

Here are the items to bid on. Some say they can be shipped.!/album.php?fbid=10150168348909134&id=207996574133&aid=334752

All I ask is you do what you can do. If you want to support this cause, excellent. If you have a base in your area, please send them some form of support. Food for their food bank, blankets for their hospital. Wave an American flag out front so people will see you love this country. Tell a soldier of any branch Thank You. Hell, buy the man or woman a cup of coffee! All of these troops are not doing what they are doing for a political reason, they aren’t thinking they can make money and leave the military rich. They are doing it because they love and want to protect their country. The least we can do while they are away is to support the families they have left with us stateside.

I am emotional about this because it is my family. The Air Force is my family and they have helped my husband and I every minute of the 6 years we have dedicated to the Air Force. They helped us the 4 years he earned his degree and 4 years of high school that gave him the discipline to succeed. While, we have worked hard to create the life we wanted together, it gave us all the tools to make it happen. My AF family needs to be taken care of also. Other families need to feel remembered while their spouse is away. Understanding from other people in the same situation helps someone not feel even more alone. I understand their sacrifice and I am sure you do also.

Again, here is a link for details about an online auction on Facebook that will benefit this cause.!/event.php?eid=192305920809197

Here are the items to bid on. Some say they can be shipped.!/album.php?fbid=10150168348909134&id=207996574133&aid=334752


The money raised completely funded this event for wives of deployed airmen. Thank you so much to all that donated!


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