Time for an Auction!

4 Oct

Now that you know how life is in Minot, North Dakota, it is time to help.  Myself and a few great ladies have decided to get together to raise money to purchase warm winter items like winter apparel, space heaters, blankets and items to winterize the FEMA trailers that a quarter of our city now live in.

Here is how you can help us make a difference!

I will start posting items on The Blog on Sunday night for everyone to see.  The items we have gathered together are perfect for this time of year!

Items for Auction and Companies Donating:
-12 Handmade Toddler Quilts in various designs including Mickey Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake and winter designs.
-A medium size Hello Kitty Pumpkin Cake
-2 Hot Cocoa Cup Cakes
-1 Rainbow Cake
-Nelly Hernandez Photography-Adult photoshoot(valid for one person), included is sitting fee, and high resolution images and web formatted images (15 edited images) on a cd as well as 15% off on prints, should they wish to order. Value is $275
-Jewelry by Designs of Distinction
-A gift item from Thirty-One Gifts.
-A gift item from Scentsy.
-Handmade Holiday Ribbon Bows for lil ladies.
2. Please “like” Designs of Distinction
Nelly Hernandez Photography ->Thank them for helping keep Minot warm by participating in the Winter Gear Auction.


~Check out each photo on The Blog.
~Post your bid(s) in the Comments under the item post(s).
~A seller will include in their description if they would be willing to ship their items.  If you do not see this information, you can ask them on their Facebook pages.
~Each item has a Starting Bid. First Bidder MUST start with the Starting Bid OR Higher.
~After the First Bid has been placed, each additional bid must go up using the Bid Increments noted in the caption of the picture. There are different Bid Increments depending on the item value. *For example, First Bid is $25. Second Bid is $27. Third Bid is $29. and so on.*
~You can also bid higher than the bid increment. *For example, Starting Bid is $10, Bid Increments are $1, But you really want the item and post $25! THAT’S OKAY!!!
~You can bid on as many items as you want! (Just be sure to keep track of your running total and budget accordingly.)
~You can bid on each item multiple times! The more people bidding on an item, the more exciting it will be!
~The person with the Highest Bid when the Auction closes on Friday-October 14th (5pm) will be the winner of the item.
~Winners will be notified by email. PLEASE POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR BID!!!


~We have designated Sasha Sweder to collect the donation money. She has a Paypal account. Sasha will send invoices for ALL items to the winning bidders. SPONSORS WILL NOT COLLECT MONEY! This will save time and Paypal fees and eliminates us from having to collect money from multiple places.
~If you do not have a Paypal account, the invoice will give you the option to pay with a credit card.
~Winning bidders will have until Monday-October 21 to send their money via the invoice. We would appreciate it if you could send your money immediately after receiving your invoice. THE SOONER WE RECEIVE THE DONATION MONEY, THE SOONER WE CAN PURCHASE WINTER ITEMS! If you do not pay your invoice by deadline, you forfeit your item and we will notify the person with the next highest bid.
~All money transactions will be recorded by receipt or other tangible method.
~PLEASE NOTE: Paypal charges a fee for each transaction. Which means every time someone sends money, Paypal will charge Sasha. When the withdrawal is made it will not include any money that was used toward Paypal fees.


~Winners will be notified by email. PLEASE POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WITH YOUR BID!!!
~If you click the Notify me of Follow up or New Posts, you will be notified each time someone bids on that post.
~You MUST be 18 to participate. You MAY NOT reside in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India according to Facebook rules.
~This promotion is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.



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