November, ugh.

27 Dec

In late October we found out we were pregnant with our third child. On November 7th, we went for an ultrasound and found no heartbeat in a baby that should have been almost 12 weeks.  November 10th I had a D&C surgery for our miscarriage and began to move on extremely slowly.

I had many things planned for November.  Beginning with a book fair at Barnes and Noble to benefit Minot Public Schools on November 19th, a second Drop in and Decorate event(more pictures in the next post) during the book fair followed up with an enormous drop off of delicious cookies for the Salvation Army Thanksgiving Day meal. Then a trip to NJ until December.  I am so glad that I had all of these things to keep my mind running but at some points I just wanted to sleep.

First up was the book fair.  Barnes and Noble was generous to help Sweder Side of Life set up an event where a percent of profits from a day of in store sales and a percent of online sales for 5 days after would go to the teachers at the schools hurt by the flood.  While I am still waiting on the final numbers, at last check we raised about $1400 in store.  An amazing amount of money for teachers to go and purchase items with.

During the book fair I had children and parents decorating sugar cookies. Here are some pictures:

I still have more cookie dough so I am starting to bake again. I found large Santa stockings and plan on filling stockings with a half-dozen cookies.  My goal is to hang 24 stockings on 24 FEMA trailers. I think it will be easy but we shall see.

This year has really taught me a lot about myself and what I can do if I put my mind to it.  Although each event helped so many, if you put them all together you can see that the town has really been helped by the efforts of all the people who have supported the events I started.

We started the year making gift baskets for women and children in the domestic violence shelter.  Baked for families with spouses that were deployed. Made dinner and lunches for sandbagging teams, National Guard soldiers and truckers helping to save our city.  Dressed families that lost everything in the flood.  Raised money for the Minot Public School teachers that lost their classrooms.  Baked more cookies for the Salvation Army Thanksgiving.

Projects I am working on:

Random Acts of Cookies(that is what I am calling it!)

I have started the scarves for February at the Domestic Violence Shelter and have a bathroom full of female body products.

Oh, and I am sitting down a lot more because I really need it.  Baking cookies at my own pace and knitting is actually very relaxing.

Dave and I will be leaving Minot in May.  I am glad to see that I have surrounded myself with charity minded people who are all starting up great things of their own.  It makes it easier for me to sit down without guilt of letting someone down.  We have secret Santa’s paying off lay away bills before Christmas and strong women looking out for the elderly during this winter.

So beautiful seeing Minot help each other.


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